The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 63 — You are Your Only Problem

In this week's episode I discuss how the only thing that you suffer from is your own self-concept.

It is what you believe "You" are (or aren't) that is the cause of all your problems, and it is whatever you believe "You" lack that creates all of your dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

After all, if you didn't take anything personally, then how could you possibly suffer, and from what?

You only suffer from the "you" that you believe you are and from whatever imagined problems you mistakenly attach onto its falsely-conceived identity.

Realize that you are not the by-product of any such personalized stream of thought, nor are you the experiencer of whatever drama these thoughts happen to create and imply.

No matter what the mind tempts you into believing, you remain totally free as its witnessing presence of awareness, regardles of whether you are self-aware of this fact or not.

Despite whatever self-concept you hold as being true, you are the theatre of consciousness in which all such concepts appear—free of them all.

This episode includes readings of the following pieces which I've recently published:

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Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it.