The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 68 — The End of Desire

This week's new episode discusses how happiness is synonymous with the end of desire.

Surrender all desires to your awareness of them—including your desire for happiness itself. If there is any senses of personal lack or wanting, whatsoever, happiness will continue to be obscured by the ego's false projections.

Inner peace can only be realized when you are absolutely content in the present moment, within yourself, as yourself, regardless of whatever appears to be happening around you.

You must embrace whatever is, gracefully. In doing so, happiness will be realized as being ever-present.

In truth, it is only the mind that keeps it hidden. So ignore the mind's grasping for desires and happiness will reveal itself as being the natural reflection of your true Self.

This episode includes readings of the following recently-published works from the Zen Thinking website:

Your opinions are also your prison

Call Off the Search for Happiness!

Reader Question: Can there be happiness without unhappiness?

Life Is: All of a Sudden

Thanks for listening to the show, I hope you enjoy it. Brian