The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 11 — Not Taking Things for Granted

this week's podcast circles around the theme of not taking things for granted.

when we take things for granted we create an attitude of complacency within us. we become less able to fully appreciate things. we become unhappy with whatever we have, and we're left always wanting for something more.

when we take things for granted we ultimately cause ourselves to suffer somehow.

this episode features a discussion on the following articles i've recently published on the Zen Thinking website:

20 Daily Morning Affirmations of Zen Thinking (includes a free pdf download)

i saw Death sitting on a barstool

in one way or another, we’re all fundamentalists. what belief do you hold onto too strongly?

the endless stream of thoughts in the forever-searching mind

noticing all of the things we love

thanks for listening, i hope you enjoy the episode.
Brian Thompson