The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 24 — Answering the Question, Who Am I?

In this week's episode I explore the question, Who Am I?

To those investigating non-duality and Advaita Vedanta and who are on the quest of self-realization, this is probably the single most important question there is.

To many, this question has become a spiritual path all on its own, thanks to teachers such as Ramana Mahrishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj.

By proceeding to answer this question you embark on a path of self-inquiry, exposing every untruth you've ever believed along the way.

In this episode I discuss the following pieces I've recently published here on Zen Thinking:

Beyond Mind: Living in Pure Awareness

The Cry for Freedom (from self-obsession)

Deprogramming the Cultural Conditioning of the False Self

A New Cultural Phenomena: Allergies to Inauthenticity

Mellowing an Argument Before It Begins

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the episode.