The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 26 — Waking Up From the Dream of Life

This episode is all about waking up.

It's about seeing through the veil with which we've shrouded our reality in—a veil of conceptual thought.

When we're able to recognize that all of our perceptions are distorted by mind, which differ from the truth of reality itself—we can begin to see through the veil of our own delusion.

Here are the recent pieces I've written that are discussed in this episode:

You are not a noun — you are a verb!

Who were you before you were given a name?

Let your existence be enough for a moment

The Dream of Self in the Theatre of Mind

All things crumble under intense scrutiny

Who made that mask you're wearing?

Everything is in Perpetual Motion and Transition

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the show.