The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 29 — Challenging the Ego in Search of Truth

This week's episode is about challening the ego to a life or death duel in search for truth.

Most of what we perceive in the world—including our universe within—is a fabrication of mind. What we believe to be true, isn't. The stories we wrap ourselves in are nothing but pure fiction, created by an ego desperate to not only survive, but to thrive in the turmoil of your pain.

But the ego can be defeated, and it's done by denying it of belief in any of its thoughts and opinions. The ego will die, when you no longer feed it your attention.

In this episode I discuss the following pieces that I've recently published here on Zen Thinking:

You cannot see beauty with an ugly mind

Happiness can only come from within

Nothing is certain, so why do we pretend?

The Clarity of an Undistracted Mind Has No Preferences

You Have the Right to Offend

When Enough is Enough: Confronting the Ego

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the show.