The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 31 — The Non-Duality of the Infinite True Self

In this week's episode I discuss the infinite, non-dual nature of our unlimited Awareness (our True Self).

When we place restrictions on our pure-Self through false projections of a mind that has decided to take everthing personally—we distort the truth of our reality, and we cause ourselves to suffer greatly because of it.

We must awaken from our "dream of self" and become completely selfless—only then will we realize the beautiful truth in all of our experiences.

In this episode I discuss the following pieces recently published here on Zen Thinking:

The Challenge of Overcoming Duality in Our Words

It is I, Infinity.

#Your Faceless and Formless Self

In the journey of life, travel light

There is no centre to our infinite mind

We are one with that which we perceive

All Our Actions Reverberate Inwards

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy the show.