The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 6 — Are you learning from your frustrations?

this week's episode is all about noticing the nature of our energy and how it creates the very world we live in.

we all have certain habits and styles of thinking — it's this predictable routine that often creates the slumps we find ourselves in.

we fall into a rut of our own making.

if we question the source of our energy, thoughts and emotions however, and we investigate where they arise from, the lessons they point to can be incredibly enlightening and can free us from much of our internal suffering.

here's the links to the articles discussed in this week's episode:

what do you create with the energy you bring? create the life you want — change the energy of your mind.

here's why many of your thoughts are harmful

each mistake is a step towards wisdom — if you allow it be

what are you unknowingly meditating on?

i hope you enjoy the show,