The Zen Thinking Podcast — Episode 8 — Taming Your Mind to Find True Happiness

this week's episode is on taming the mind to create a space of quiet and stillness, where true happiness is able to blossom from freely.

when we quiet our minds and let go of our attachements to our knowledge and opinions, and when we allow ourselves to become unbound by all of our worry and compulsive thinking, the inherrent beauty of the world comes alive and blossoms within each unfolding moment.

join me as i read some of my recent writings that expand on this common theme.

here's the links to the articles discussed in this week's episode:

the meaning to everything in a few short words

peace can never be found in an agitated mind

are you willing to have your mind changed?

are you just killing time?

how do you react towards words of positive encouragement?

change within can only begin once you realize you can struggle no more

i hope you enjoy the show...