i've always been searching...

my entire life
i've always been searching,
yearning to find that missing piece,
that mystical something
that would somehow make me happy,
that would make me feel complete.

but then it dawned on me;
if i'm endlessly looking,
will i ever be able to see
what’s right here, right now,
and immediately in front of me?

if all i do is seek,
will i ever be able 
to actually find?

will my eyes become so trained
to always be looking beyond the next hill,
that i never realize the beauty 
of the one on which i already stand?

when we stop, slow down,
and truly take in
all that we have,
we realize we already have 
everything we could ever possibly need.

don’t look now,
but happiness awaits 
right behind your back...


{ photo by jennifer picard photography, taken on October 8, 2014 in Iceland  }