this bliss, means i'm alive

Skogafoss, Iceland, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography 

if i can soak in the wonder
of the mist of a waterfall
and the wetness of the rain,

if i can lean into a cool breeze
and smile
as it brushes my face,

if i can embrace the wind
and laugh
as it jostles me around,

if i can taste the salt
of the ocean air as i lick my lips,

if i can catch the scent of the unknown
and revel in its mystery
as it tickles my curious nose,

if can feel the soil,
of the rocks and moss beneath my feet,
of the earth itself
as it revolves around the sun,

and if i am fed and warm,
then what else could i possibly need?

if i am grateful
for all that i can hear and see,
for all that i can touch, smell and taste,
then what remains for me to ever want?

with nothing more
than my undivided attention
my spirit springs to life.

i become alive.

when all your senses
are awake, alert and aware,
and you focus solely
in the physical presence of the now,
in the manifestation of the moment,
you’re no longer distracted
by convoluted thoughts;
of imagining imperfections,
of wanting because you think you lack,
of dwelling on what doesn't matter.

when we allow ourselves to be free
from all these conjectures of mind,
we can bathe in the beauty
of this very heartbeat,
which is all we ever have.

each second,
each breath,
each as significant as the last.

this bliss,
means i’m alive.