humbled by awe

Vatnajokull Glacier & Jokullsarlon, Iceland. photo by me.

those moments
when all you can do
is simply stand there
and try to take it all in.

when your shoulders drop,
your hands fall to your sides,
your jaw slackens,
your mouth hangs open wide,
and all that escapes
is the quiet utterance of,

when the wonder
of what's before you
is too unfathomable to comprehend,
and too incapable of ever being understood.

when the majesty of the moment is all there is,
when there's nothing to say
because words means nothing,
and thoughts are too miniscule.

when reverence
for the majesty of mountains,
overwhelms you,
and in the presence of an infinite sun
you’re swept away
in the cool breath of an eternal wind.

when time no longer matters,
when sounds fade and silence prevails,
when all hindrances escape you,
and you're left alone,
humbled by awe,
and you become,