do you see disasters?

photo via reddit, original from unknown source

when someone asks, "how’s it going, eh?”
is your first thought,
“i’m so busy, i’m stressed!”

do small things set you off,
sending you spiralling
into a frantic and out-of-control tizzy?

do you see disasters
looming around each and every bend?

are you consumed and overwhelmed
by the many pending tasks and deadlines
which seem to require your attention post-haste?

well my friend,
i’d say you’ve gone and frayed your nerves
and let yourself become undone.

we oft try to do too many things at once.
we try to change the world in just one day.
we like to think our multi-task abilities are exemplary!
and so we just even pile more on.

yet all we oft achieve,
is a pile of half-assed mediocrity,
with nothing ever being done to its best.

in the wake of our busied distractions,
we leave behind our focussed intent,
the foremost necessary ingredient
to creating works of remarkable wonder,
creative and personal, and in both love and work too.

before you lose your mind over menial trivialities,
ask yourself:
"will this matter a year from now?"

is this worth losing my equanimity
which will then poison my purpose for the rest of my day?

breathe before you react.
calm your mind.

in stillness, peace appears.
it’s here where we find the focus
to do the work that truly matters,
unfettered by a messy and unkept,
fragile and breakable mind.