what's first?

you'll always have time
for whatever you put first.
so what’s at the top of your list?

if you’re unpleased
with the answer you've revealed,
then simply make the choice
to change.

how you spend the moments in your day,
will always your be choice.

will you act, or react?
will you be decisive, or just lay back and wait?

who you are now
(and who you are yet to become),
is the sum of all the actions
you’ve decided to take,
and then have gone and done.

it’s no different
than those childhood books we used to read,
you choose your own adventure.

so what are your priorities?

here’s a hint and a bit of a clue:
it’s not what you think,
it’s not what you say,
but rather what you do.

your actions do not lie.

if what you find yourself constantly doing
is not what you ultimately want,
then take action now on what you desire,
make it first and foremost
in your life’s ongoing quest.

you will always have time
for the things you put first.