don't just wish, you must do

don’t just wish, your must do.
don’t just dream, get up and act.

all great things sprung from our minds,
born from our creativity, our ingenuity, our artistic expression, 
first start as an inkling, a desire, a fantasy we can see ourselves someday doing.

but that yearning must meet intent. 
it must be coupled with seething ambition, 
it must walk hand-in-hand with committed effort 
and endeavours of action. 

our aspirations are oft suffocated 
by our fine-tuned muscles of procrastination.

our fear and anxiety of the unknown, 
they tempt us to resist 
the often scary and difficult work 
that most surely lay ahead.

move your mind from mere fantasy and hope, 
design daily habits to create your success.

delight at the marvel of your fantasies come true.
take the first steps. 
fight your resistance and just do.