i have all the time in the world

have you ever found yourself in a place surrounded by total stillness, with no sounds, except for the heart of the wilderness itself?

the silence of the trees, the rustle of the leaves, the sound of waves crashing the shore.

if i listen closely, i can hear the song of two, four, five (no, many more) birds, peacefully living their blissful avian lives.

life on a hill, apart from all the rest, at one with nature.

no traffic, no rush, no city stress, no needless things, no unnecessary stuff, no mental mess.

a spark to awaken.

when you can no longer hear the sounds of man, time slows and the Earth becomes still.

when you no longer hear the whirring of machines, the buzzing of towns or the constant hum of humans finding inventive new ways to be busy, you begin to realize that time is not linear, it is ever present.

time does not go from here to there, from then until now, or from now to where i hope to someday be.

it is always only ever now.

time is infinite and ever-present, indifferent to all things which appear to pass through it. it does not care for taxes or politics, for fashion or finance, for wars or who’s hot on TV.

time is unchanging, ever only being — infinite and alive, always only now, unfettered by our perceptions and stories.

alas, i now have all the time in the world.

brian thompson