being incongruent with yourself

photo by me

do you recognize those parts of you
that are incongruent with your personal philosophy?
do you ever see your own hypocrisy?

at some point or another,
we all contradict what we claim our values to be.
we all sometimes say one thing, while we do another.

this is where our unease and discontent begins to flow,
and left unchecked, it can grow
into a poisonous, uncontrollable, and unforgiving weed.

it’s this internal opposition with our true self
which our subconscious fights,
whose anguish then seeps into other aspects of life,
tainting the calm and peace we long to feel.

when we live our lives
misaligned with our ideals,
we resist our truth inside.
we struggle with the very core of our being.

we suffer,
without even realizing why.

yet if we're honest with ourselves and ask,
where do my words go against my actions?
where do my deeds go against my beliefs?

we can become aware of our misalignments,
and can then be mindful of our actions,
and correct and adjust moving forward as need be.

in doing so, we realign ourselves with our intended direction.

we no longer live a contradiction.
we no long live with internal conflict.

we right our ship of self,
that veered off course.

what parts of you do you deny?
the discomfort of your resistance and avoidance
is the source of much of your personal pain.