from a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame

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from a wee little inkling,
an idea, a mere thought...
from a curious or insightful wonder,
mighty things can erupt.

stay curious.
be intrigued by subtle nuances.
investigate your hunches,
nurture all those suspicions
for which you hold to be true.

one can never predict
which wick might first take a match's flame,
or which candle may be the last to keep lit,
before it loses its last wax,
and its breath is snuffed right out.

inside us all
exists an impressive and powerful force,
the seed of potential,
the spark of creation,
the possibility of greatness yet to become.

but how many before us have ignored intuition's call?

how many silent epiphanies
never found their voice
and given their chance to be?

how many missions to Mars has man never explored?
how many transformative works of art might we never see?

what greatness resides inside of you,
waiting for its chance to ignite?

it starts with a spark.