give a damn

my beautiful and sweet Siberian Husky, Koda

when you lack compassion
you fail to consider another’s feelings,
of how they may have ended up
wherever they find themselves to be.

when you lack compassion
you think only of yourself.

you become rigid in your opinions,
thinking yours are the one and only way,
rather than exploring your feelings
to possibly see things how others may.

compassion is patience,
it’s respect and tolerance,
it’s having an honest and empathetic sense of concern
for others' struggles and suffering.

compassion is being kind to everyone,
despite their pains or problems.

compassion is not being so rigid with your views
that you’re blinded by them,
it’s being flexible and understanding
of how we’re all simply trying our best
however messed up it might seem to be.

compassion is being willing to listen,
or lending a helping hand.

compassion is not jumping to conclusions.
it’s not judging or blaming either yourself or others,
it’s not reacting in haste
to other people’s sorrow or hurt,
even when it might spill over
and fall onto you.

compassion is grace of spirit.
it is forgiveness.

compassion is respecting life,
in all its incarnations,
despite colour of skin
or thickness of fur,
whether from land or sea.

compassion is the path to peace,
and when we walk this road,
we’ll find love and equanimity.