intangible castles of thought

when was the last time 
you were truly alone 
with yourself? 

not on a bus,
not in a coffee shop,
but alone,
in perfect solitude?

with no distractions,
with no music, no radio or tv,
with no phone nor gossip, 
with no friend to lean on,
allowing yourself to just feel, 
and be?

who might that person be?
do you know?

just the two of you,
you and yourself, 
inseparable and intrinsically entwined,
who together make one.

have you ever tried 
to just sit and experience, 
to witness the world
both around you and inside, 
to listen to your inner dialogue 
without judgement or opinion, 
to attempt to cease all thinking,
to breathe deeply and just be?

when quiet and alone,
your one true self
finds its space to awaken.

this is bliss.

perfection in the moment.
it exists and is available to all of us at all times,
yet it proves itself most elusive,
difficult to obtain and out of grasp,
for our hands are always too full
with other things less important
to which we hold tightly to and cling.

mad, sad, hurt, angry, and full of fear.
bitterness, resentment, and prejudicial beliefs,
stress, anxiety, and despair.
jealousy, confusion, and blame, 
suspicion, remorse, and shame.
rejection, frustration, and disappointment,
the list is long of how we all might feel.

but when we let go
of these intangible castles of thought,
we find that they collapse
without the presence of our attention.

when we let go,
all our grievances disappear.

when we shift our focus
to the natural state of present awareness,
away from the labels we affix to our thoughts,
when we tune in to what actually is,
to the here and now in this very moment,
our preconceptions and misguided mental concoctions
of the turbulence we've projected onto our lives, 
settles into the calm tranquil waters of our true selves,
unbiased by ego, no longer abused 
by consuming, self-destructive