you only lose what you cling to

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unbind yourself.
unravel the rope
which wraps around and constricts you.

clinging to expectations
of how others might act
causes us much suffering.

it binds us to pain.

attachment to outcomes
causes much of our inextricable grief.

continually grasping
at how we hope something might be,
hurts us when things then don't go as planned.

attachment to assumptions
is our struggle, defined.

when we try to control any moment,
rather than just accepting it and letting it flow,
we needlessly waste energy.
we let our emotions overtake control.

when we cling to certain thoughts or ideas,
or how we wish things might be,
we close ourselves off to what actually is.
our mind becomes rigid and set in stone,
unable to hear or consider anything else.

release yourself.

strive to be mindful,
to live in the moment
without forecasting any predictions,
or bemoaning the past,
rather, only dealing with what actually is.

we must swim with the current of reality.
when we resist or fight against,
strife thrives and resides,
we drown.