what are you avoiding?

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what are you avoiding?
...with each website you visit?
...with each video you watch?
...with each game you play?
...with each snack you eat?

what are you avoiding?
...with each night out on the town?
...with each channel you change?
...with each shopping trip you make?
...with each shiny object you chase?

what are you avoiding?
with all the time and energy you pointlessly waste?

what do you know of yourself that lacks?
that plagues you inside,
that you know desperately needs to be done,
yet which you constantly run from and hide?

what are you avoiding?

is it matters of the heart, mind, or soul?
is it facing your fears?
or admitting and dealing with
those deep, dark habits
in which you uncomfortably rely?

confront the unkempt corners of your mind.
embrace the reality of your current self,
see the truth of your nature for what it is.

your foremost creative weakness,
the thing that blocks your happiness, fulfilment, and awakening,
is in your inability to finish something,
to commit to it and take it to the final end.

how long will you wait?

know that perfection is unachievable.
it’s something which we may forever strive,
yet will never achieve.

so how long will you wait?

what you resist persists.
what you deny, will only grow
until it’s presence looms so large,
it overbears and overwhelms.
it will become a beast of burden on your back.
it will suffocate and turn all your inner light to black,
leaving you in the shadows of your unfinished business.

when you choose (and it is a choice)
to continually press pause
on what you know needs to be done,
when you plug your ears and avert your eyes,
when you run away and chase distractions
rather than taking action,
you delay the inevitable,
you prolong the pain.

what are you avoiding and how long will you wait?
your life is an evolution, waiting to progress...
your next breakthrough awaits.bt