what if if we treated everyone as if we knew they would die tomorrow?

on the streets of  Reykjavik, Iceland

what if if we treated everyone as if we knew they would die tomorrow?

would you treat them differently?
what would you say, how would you act?
what new questions might you ask?
what additional care and attention might you give?
what would you share, that you might otherwise be too shy to say?

all of us will someday take our last breath,
but most will never know when.

how much better would the world be
if everyone knew the love others had?
if we all just shared the love
that we’re just too afraid to give?

treat everyday as if it’s not only your last,
but also the last of those who you care for and adore.

don’t let it be too late.
give yourself fully.
waste no time with pretence,
it’s the most precious gift we can ever give.

** inspired by a conversation i had with Jennifer, while listening to a storm whip against the windows of a home we're staying in in Selfoss, a tiny town in southern Iceland on the banks of the Ölfusá river.