if you never try, you'll never know

words by me, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

we all have wild ideas
we fail to act on

we all have dreams
we’re told are impossible to ever come true

we all have things we want to change
yet tell ourselves we never could

we all feel sometimes stuck
thinking, "so i guess this is how it must be"

we would move and act
if we thought we could
but we think we can’t
so we don’t

so instead, we wither and wilt inside
we die before we're dead
never knowing, always wondering

our soul remains incomplete
while we walk our remaining days
wondering why we feel unfulfilled and empty

we leave the seed of our true potential
sitting in a To Do basket somewhere on a desk
or jotted down in a journal entry, filed under “Someday, I Wish"

the chances of your life are unknown.
realize that with every decision you make
you change the course of your life

if you never try
you’ll never know

and if anyone can, you can too
don’t undermine your self-worth

follow your instinct
be foolish
dare to attempt the unthinkable
dammit, just go on and try!

astound yourself,
wow the world.

brian thompson