unthink at least once a day

words & photo by me.

at least once a day.

it’s in this quiet stillness
where we find our bliss,
where we find our peace,
where we find our contentment.

it’s in these moments
where we truly see, hear, smell and feel,
it’s where we sense all that is around
without the need to judge, label, explain,
or otherwise attempt to somehow define
our current experience
through inadequate language and words.

empty your mind of thoughts and conjecture,
clear it of opinions and worry.

unthink —
find the unfiltered, unfettered experience of the present.

it’s in this empty mind-state
— the no-mind —
where we learn to swim
in the oceans of our infinite awareness,
it’s where we merge
with the universal oneness of all things,
it's where we enter the stream
of all consciousness itself,
it’s where we realize that all things are one.

awaken to your no-mind
and reconnect with your source.

to become wise.

brian thompson