is your happiness conditional? if so, what does it rely on?

words & photo by me

is your happiness conditional?
if so, what does it rely on?

maybe a good sleep?
or a decent cup of coffee?
or on the day being sunny and warm?
possibly how much money you make?
whether or not you have the latest phone?
if your romantic crush returned your last call?
or maybe it’s getting that spiffy, brand new car?
or on your sports team winning their next big game?
maybe it’s if you’ll get that promotion and raise at work?
or maybe it’s on getting married, having two kids and buying a cozy bungalow in the 'burbs?

for many of us,
our happiness requires
that everything goes exactly as planned.
if it’s anything otherwise,
we convince ourselves
we’ll feel sad, empty and incomplete.

in fact,
“i’ll only be happy if…”,
is one of our most-used sayings.

we each have a little checklist
that we keep an ongoing tally on,
and only when all the boxes are ticked,
do we ever allow ourselves to be happy.

but living this way only gives us brief glimpses of joy.
while the rest of the time
we remain in a constant state of striving,
always trying to fill all the empty holes
where we think we lack.

we constantly reach for it,
but we’re never able to grab hold of it.

your happiness remains fleeting,
but only because you continue to pile
more and more demands onto it
in order for it to exist.

conditions are for lawyers and their contracts
— their only use should be to negotiate a compromise,
or the terms between two sides of a dispute
— they’re not meant to haggle
for when and where your happiness can occur.

when you live this way,
you only allow yourself to see brief glimpses of joy.

when you have conditions for your happiness,
you create a world where none can ever truly exist.

here’s an idea —
why not let your happiness be unconditional?

why not let your only requirement for happiness
be the awareness of your living breath?

all you need to be happy
is to be able to breathe.

all else, is just nonsense noise from your mind.

allow your peace and well-being to be absolutely unconditional,
reliant upon nothing but your present awareness
of the beauty of the forever unfolding moment.

peace and unfettered happiness can freely flow
only when it’s unbound by any limitations or restrictions,
only when you drop all of your distractions and attachments,
and only when you let go of your need for endless conditions.

underneath all of the items on your checklist,
happiness awaits you in the here and now.

brian thompson