bliss lives in the moment — absorb the here & now to its fullest

words & photo by Brian Thompson

bliss lives in the moment.
absorb the here and now
to its fullest.

put a stop to your never-ending
proliferation of thoughts.

quieten your mind.

allow yourself to awaken to the present
and you'll begin to see the world anew,
full of wonder and awe with alert and widened eyes.

enable a new awareness to arise within,
one that reveals your true nature,
one that’s free from the relentless noise
that continually pops up in your mind.

this is the moment when momentum begins,
right here and now.

this is when you change all your tomorrows.

this is when transcendental changes
can begin to take place.

this is your spark to awaken.

find your zen in this very moment,
this very one
that you now find yourself in.

brian thompson