troubled waters settle, tranquility will return

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography

sometimes water rages,
and sometimes it's calm.

sometimes it’s still,
and you can frolic in its tranquil pools,
but sometimes it’s swift,
will crash you into rocks,
and will carry you far off course.

when the water is serene
and you see your reflection,
you know it’s not truly you;
it’s simply a projection.

so when water the becomes turbulent and cloudy,
don't think it’s confusion defines you,
it will continue to flow,
no matter how hard you struggle or resist.

don't get swept away by stormy waters,
they sink otherwise perfect ships.
use mindfulness as your anchor
to weather the storm
and keep yourself afloat.

tread water if you must,
but if you flail and thrash about,
you’ll tire quickly and will soon wear out.

vex not —
remain, centred, placid and calm,
while the torrent crashes around you.

troubled waters settle.
tranquility will return.

brian thompson