i believe in the language of indecipherable glances

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

i believe in the wind.

i believe in the awakened i.

i believe in february flowers.

i believe in the language of indecipherable glances.

i believe in the magic of unspoken words between you and me.

i believe in the rainbow’d light that gleams from raindrop’d windowpanes.

i believe in the mountain morning chuckles from blue jays singing the songs of spring.

i believe in the bubbles that foam on the tops of waves as they roll across the effortless sea.

i believe in the wisdom found in stillness and in the endless smiles found in a happy dog’s unjudging eyes.

i believe in painting the universe with a brush of curious wonder and dipping it into splendor-filled buckets of awe.

i believe in the fallacy of our words and that even though most of our feelings can never be fully understood, we can still try.

i believe in basking in the fading beauty of a sunset only until sunrise because then you need to begin your wonder all over again.

i believe the bear in my backyard is most likely a really nice guy and that even though he poops on my porch we probably just need a proper chance to meet and say hi.

i believe in the land of the midnight sun, the red sands of Zion, the cool Pacific cedar-tree'd breeze and even the wicked and stinging winds of Portage & Main, and everything in between.

i believe in the impossibility of our dreams and in the unstoppable power of the unquenched passion of a man on a mission and in the twisted elegance of a ballerina who’s broken the bones in her toes for no other reason than from simply trying too damn hard.

i believe in road-trips and aimlessly wandering without a care and having ecstatic glimpses filled with dumbfounded bliss that transcend all time and being and leave you breathless and seem to last a lifetime and even though they're merely moments they somehow seem to define the very nature of your whole entire life.

i believe in being free of the self and in tasting the ever-present now with the tip of my outstretched mind.

i believe in habanero hot sauce on yummy yam-stuffed tacos topped with caramelized pecans.

i believe in maple syrup and that there's little else comparable or more devine.

i believe in chipmunks with cheeks stuffed full from a day’s good find.

i believe in forks over knives and in coconuts over cows.

i believe in the eternal unknown that will forever remain.

i believe in the sound of rain falling on tent tops.

i believe in the flowing liquid nature of all things.

i believe in right now and nothing else.

i believe in experience over thought.

i believe as above, so below.

i believe in the infinite.

i believe in love.

i believe in not believing, at least not right now.

brian thompson