only when we free ourselves from our limiting opinions, will we truly be able to see

words & photo by me.

we are all shaped
by the culture we were born into.

our starting context,
and our base point of view
is influenced solely
by our family, traditions, and experiences
in which we were raised in and now reside.

this is the accident of birth.

climb out from your crib,
out from that familiar place
where your perspectives of the world
are entirely skewed and completely obscured.

feed your mind
with the wisdom from different ways of life,
and consider how others choose to live,
empty of criticism,
and full with compassion.

know that every choice you make
and every opinion you have
is biased
from your limited knowledge.
so all that you believe to be true,
is only true for... you.

only when we free ourselves
from our limiting opinions,
will we truly be able to see.

if we close ourselves off
to knowledge and understanding,
then we cast shadows
onto places where there are none.

free will is nonexistent,
when it's trapped
behind a stubbornness to see.

your heritage may have shaped you,
but it never has the final say.

leave your tribe and explore,
both in your thoughts and by foot,
see the world some more,
reveal new perspectives,
entertain new concepts of mind.
see everything anew,
consider opposing views
otherwise ignored.

cleanse your palate of understanding.
trust not your current opinions
as being the only ones correct.

wander, examine and absorb,
read, taste, listen and observe
— without prejudice or judgement —
investigate life, refreshed
and with a clear and receptive mind,
know what it means
to be liberated from the confines
of ignorance and discrimination.

leave all your biases behind.

brian thompson