feed your passions and they will in turn feed you

words & photo by me.

fitting in,
means not being noticed
it means assuming a group’s
identity, values and ideals,
as your own.

fitting in,
means blending in with all the rest,
it strips you of your identity and ideals,
it leaves you bland.

when you conform with the crowd
you compromise your beliefs,
and you ignore the truth
that’s unique
only to you.

but when you let go
of what others might think,
and when you care not
of their judgements or opinions,
you free yourself from worry,
you rid yourself of limiting thoughts,
and you open yourself up
to infinite worlds of limitless potential.

this is what they call the land of the free,
this is the true home of the brave.

being a rebel doesn’t mean lashing out,
but in having the courage to stand resolute and alone.

let go.
become unfettered
by the expectations of others.

serve your dreams
to their wildest extent.
feed your passions,
and they will in turn feed you.

brian thompson