let go of all that no longer serves you

photo & words by me

why hang on
to what no longer serves its purpose?

when a t-shirt is weathered and torn,
it's discarded, never to be worn again.

when baggage is banged up and broken,
it's tossed aside, never to be trusted again
to keep precious valuables inside.

so why not do the same
with all of your harmful habits
that have worn out their use?

don’t let anger become habit, or lying become routine.
don’t let resentment become normal, or hatred be absolute.
don’t let your compulsions or addictions
drag you down and destroy you,
no matter the form they choose to take.

these only distractions,
keeping you from your true potential.
don’t perpetuate your pain with any more self-abuse.

when you presume that suffering
is synonymous with your name,
then you continue hanging on to what hurts you.

and in some odd and twisted way,
you come to enjoy it,
its familiarity consoles you,
it somehow fulfills a roll
in the story you’ve created
— and blame — for your pain.

when you make an excuse for your suffering,
you allow its true cause to continue,
you let this "story of your self" define you,
and you become unwilling to ever let its fiction go.

you wrap yourself in a comforter of pain,
this is your story of woe.

however, know this —
your story is nothing more
than a thin blanket of self-deceit,
it cannot keep out the cold,
and it cannot keep the chill
from penetrating your bones.

stop repeating
all of those hurtful and self-loathing stories
that you continually spin inside your head.
stop dwelling on and obsessing over your past,
stop identifying yourself with all of its former hurt.

close the book on your past.
it is already done and gone.

don’t feed your stories and excuses
with your focus or further attention,
it only makes your problems grow.

let them all go.

let go of all that no longer serves you.
let go of all those habits, behaviours and mindsets that limit you,
let go of your fear and anger — let go of your pain.
let go of all those harmful things
that keep you from starting anew.

brian thompson