in stillness, we learn to thrive

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

in stillness,
through mindful self-inquiry and analysis,
we learn to understand our emotions better.

in our silence,
we allow ourselves to blossom
into our fullest potential.

we learn that all of our struggles
are caused by the nature of our previous thoughts,
and how we chose to respond to them.

how we feel right now
is because of what we thought a mere moment ago.

quiet your mind, calm your life.
change your thoughts, end your strife.
tame your agitated mind.

when we understand this,
we can begin to make positive changes in our lives,
moment to moment,
with each one impacting the next.

we can choose to be more mindful,
rather than slipping away into numbing mindlessness,
where our unskillful thoughts, actions and behaviours
will always appear and try to take control.

in stillness,
we learn to understand the source of our pain,
so that we can begin to treat its bitter cause.

in stillness,
we learn to thrive.

brian thompson