don’t be overly attached to outcomes

photo by Brian Thompson.

don’t be overly attached to outcomes.

no matter if they be good or bad,
clinging to either will make you stressed;
anticipating either gives rise to anxious feelings,
they strip you of your patience and ease.

invite an essence of curiousity
into all that you do;
free from expectation and assumption.

be inquisitive and energetic,
enthusiastic and courageous,
yet lenient in whatever end results may come.

be open and loose,
rather than rigid and tense.

go with the flow
that is the ever-changing, unexpected current of life.

place all your focus and intent
on your mindful actions within each moment instead,
rather than solely on their desired effects.

don’t do a job, just to cash a cheque.
don’t listen to a song, only to hear its final note.
don’t read a book, just so you know how it ends.
don’t embark on a trip, only so you can return back home.
don’t water a flower, just so you can someday watch it die.

immerse yourself
in the very process of living itself,
rather than being obsessed
with its final, concluding act.

brian thompson