can you escape your own cleverness?

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

lift up,
and away from the blur.

rise above the mundane.

step away,
from the pointless traffic of mind.

can you escape your own cleverness?
you'd be amazed at what you find.

rest easy,
in the vast and open expanse
of the prolific,
of the eternal,
of the magnificent.

in the majestic perfection
that nature forever beholds;
on peaks of mountains,
in fields of wild flowers,
in forests green with wonder,
in fresh waters
fed by glacial streams.

mere moments become hours,
wiping away any meaning of time.

you have all you’ll ever need,
where problems disappear and become benign.

taste the infinite and breathe the divine,
experience the boundless that’s beyond compare;
find wisdom in the effortless wilds,
be beguiled by the splendour
of the whimsical and and sublime.

find your spark to awaken
in blades of grass,
between grains of sand,
and in the free and vibrant soul
of this immortal land.

brian thompson