can you think without words?

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

can you think, without words?
can you sense, without questioning?
can you listen, without thinking of a reply?
can you feel, without projecting an opinion?
can you truly see, despite your point of view?
can you taste, without trying to explain or compare?

can you simply be?

our soul is quenched
when we drink from the deepening well of understanding,
when we satiate our thirst with the perpetual truth of being,
free from dogmatic definition.

clarify reality
from the misappropriation of our words
and our inextricable thought.

filter your mind
through pure experience itself,
cleansed from the confusion
of mental debris.

liberate yourself from suffering;
find freedom in the unspoiled,
find wonder in the pristine,
find bliss in the natural,
awaken to the divine within every moment,
untainted by concepts irrelevant to the infinite.

brian thompson