don’t be overly precious with your stuff

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

don’t be overly precious with your stuff.

with your art. your creativity. your time.
your knowledge. your talent. your skill.
your love. your guidance. your friendship.
your gratitude. your compassion.
your patience. your attention.

release it.
let it go and send it out and into the world.
quit hoarding your assets so tightly against your chest;
quit guarding them, fearing for them,
and hoping they will never be stolen, copied or somehow diminished.

this is a mindset a fear and lack,
that helps none;
it only propagates further suffering and pain.

be generous with all you have within you;
it’s meant to be seen, heard and shared,
it's meant to be observed, adored, learned from and discussed.

share what the universe has given you,
so that you can help others,
just as you too have been lent many a hand.

your biggest threat
isn’t a lack of money, power, status, or control,
it’s not from competition or a lack of abundance —
it’s insignificance, indifference and obscurity;
it’s in having your purpose and meaning
being wrought from your hands
by your very own selfish and narcisssitic deeds.

quit constricting and restricting
against everything around you;
it only makes you grow nervous, weary and stressed.

let go.
know that the more you give,
the more you’ll receive in return.

become an instrumental part
in creating an abundant world
we can all live in and flourish.

invite freedom into your life,
and it will kiss you back in return.

brian thompson