money often costs too much

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

money often costs too much.

we need to ask ourselves,
what’s the price we’re willing to pay
for our comfort?
for our happiness?
for the fulfillment of our dreams?

what’s the price of our supposed freedom?

we’ve been deceived by the machines of profit.

our culture
is obsessed with continuous growth.
it's raised us to to risk
the very things that deliver us our freedom.

what value do you place on health?
peace of mind?

this is dichotomy of our happiness.

we already have all that we need,
and yet we throw it all away
in a desperate search for more, more, more.

is any of this worth the risk of forever losing it?

in your pursuit of money,
have you allowed yourself the time and space to enjoy life,
distraction and stress-free?

brian thompson