each moment shapes the next — this is your time

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

i must waste not
any moment that lay before me,
for it’s my conscious awareness alone
that manifests my ongoing reality.

i create what my future beholds;
and through the quality of all my thoughts and actions,
i know that whatever mysteries unfold next for me,
depend on whatever i choose to do today.

and so,
life expands before me,
one instant at a time,
each as precious as the one before.

each moment, each thought,
each action and reaction;
a prophecy for how i will soon feel.

waste not.

this is your time;
this lie, that truth,
this kiss, that fist,
this love, that hate,
this virtue, that vice,
this smile, that frown,
this outburst, that laugh,
this selfish deed, that focussed intent,
this energized commitment, that lazy distraction,
this gentle act of compassion, that vengeful act and angry reply;
all of it — this is all you.

who you decide to be right now,
also decides who you will become;
each moment shapes the next.

this is your time.

brian thompson