i used to think the whole world was against me — i had it all wrong.

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

for many years and for most of my life,
i had it all wrong
— i thought the whole world was against me.

but in reality, it was me who was against the world
— in fact, i was even against myself.

truth be told, i was causing my own pain.

i had created a world that was so ugly inside my mind
that i constantly had to react against it.
it became a self-fulfilling, full-time battle;
it consumed me.

i saw ugliness inside everything,
even in places where there was none.

it was me who threw the rocks into my own pond.

it was my anger and bitterness
that created and caused the negative ripples
to expand and take over my life.

i had disturbed my own peace and sense of calm.
blinded by my own wretched point of view,
i simply couldn’t see clearly,
and it dragged me even further down.

and so i was left alone with the weight of my disgust,
and it was only then when i finally realized
that my hell had been entirely self-created
— it was my perpetual cycle of negativity within.

when i stopped placing blame on the world,
and i owned up to my discontent, contempt and shortcomings,
the repulsive clouds that loomed overhead
soon dissipated in the stillness of my acceptance.

my forgiveness healed my gaping wound,
and in turn, it healed the world i once thought i knew.

so if you feel stuck,
like you’re spinning your wheels
and stuck in the muck,
know that a different point of view
awaits you in another corner of your mind.

go and find it.

acknowledge your pain,
accept it, forgive it,
forget it and move on.

there’s a much better point of view awaiting you.

brian thompson