if you crave meaning in your life, it's something only you alone can create

words and photo by Brian Thompson, photo edit by Jennifer Picard Photography.

everyone craves meaning in their lives,
yet many refuse to do anything about it.

instead, they simply carry on as they always have,
awaiting wings of change to somehow find flight,
to land upon their shoulders and lift them away
from all their existential sadness.

but life’s meaning doesn’t just fall from the sky
into the hands of someone unprepared.

if you want to have meaning in your life,
then you must give meaning to it — yourself.
it is something only you can create.

you create meaning
using all of your heartfelt and passionate intent
— nothing less — with whatever you choose to do.

you are responsible
for the energy you bring into things,
no one else.

meaning is that elusive and mysterious attribute
we use to classify everything we encounter and do,
yet it’s entirely intangible — it only exists inside our heads.

"this has meaning, this does not."
"this was a good use of time, that was nothing but a waste."
"this might help me, this will not."

all of this, pointless conjecture of the mind.
in their true nature, all things simply are as they are
— perfect.

strip away your ego and you will find
all things are devoid of any linguistic distinction,
they are beyond the dualism of our mental concepts
— they are pure and absolute — as are we.

meaning is a characteristic
that is natural and intrinsic within all things,
yet its potential to be realized remains dormant
when one's mind is rigid, stubborn and locked.

we find meaning in the doing of things;
not in the dwelling and obsessing,
not in the worrying and stressing,
nor in the analyzing or criticizing.

we find meaning by immersing ourselves
fully into the moment, just because we can.

we will always have preferences
with where we want to direct our talent, time and skills
— and pursue them we must,
so that we can contribute and help to improve the world
— but meaning can still be found in a flower or a frog;
it can still be found in a mindful stroll, a mountain, or in cooking a meal.
it can still be found in menial labour, in a conversation,
in the eyes of a stranger or even in a weekend chore.

make everything worth your time;
for it is no one’s but yours alone.

awaken and find your meaning within everything.

brian thompson