the problem with having expectations

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

the problem with having expectations
is that you unfairly stress yourself in trying to meet them,
and you stress yourself even more when you fall short.

either way,
they unravel anxiety inside us;
they create worry, distress, anger, frustration and unease.

know this:
clinging to the anticipation of something you crave,
will not bring into being.

so if it doesn’t work,
and it only brings suffering and harm,
then why carry on?

expectations create undue pressure on your mind,
they cause tension and change how you act.
they create cracks in your composure,
and cause unskillful behaviours to unfold.

you put your sense of well-being at great and undue risk.

we cannot control the nature of things,
and yet we constantly try.

it’s this continuous fight against the unchangeable
that turns us into hapless victims of our minds.

so place your emphasis, energy and attention
onto each moment rather than each outcome.

quit resisting the inescapable reality
of what’s presently happening in every passing moment.

whatever it is you strive for
or that you venture to achieve;
do your best, try with all your might, and let it go;
then move on to the next moment and repeat.

what will be, will soon become
— with or without your needless worry.

brian thompson