passions are meant to be followed, not ignored

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

one of life's most transformative traits
is in having an impassioned heart;
without one of these, your wildest dreams
will find it hard to even start.

having an overflowing heart,
brimming with exuberance and passion
for whatever it is you envision,
pushes you to triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds,
pushing you to persist through upsetting defeats.

but if one is too cautious
to stand apart from the status quo,
too wary to go against the grain,
and they give in, letting fear and doubt win,
then they will suffer greatly inside
from a lifelong dream, un-realized.

so when it comes to matters of the heart
(and all things you intuitively know, trust, and firmly believe),
throw caution to the wind
— the world needs more people to follow their passion.

there’s no one you’ll meet
who’s filled with more regret
than a person with an un-chased dream,
and nothing aches more
than hearing them someday say,
"i wish i had at least tried”.

so when your intention
is heartfelt, honourable and pure,
and when you meet your magnetic pursuit
with decisive and energetic action,
great things will undoubtedly happen,
even if it feels like it takes ten hundred years.

you might not necessarily meet
with riches, prizes or fame
(such a promise is foolish to make),
but you’ll surely be blessed
with true and lasting success;
the kind only found
in having led a creative and fulfilling adventure;
one that’s been inspired, cherished, and well-lived.

passions are meant to be followed,
not ignored.

let your dreams live.

brian thompson