become the heartbeat of your intention

words and photo by Brian Thompson.

be the heartbeat of your intention,
not just a reluctant passerby
who watches a dream arise
and does nothing to see it realized.

be the very life force
that pulses through your goal’s becoming
— let it be your reverie.

belief is seed of your intention,
but it’s your actions alone
that water it and make it grow,
while distraction and doubt
are infectious weeds that must be pulled out.

embody your intention
with deliberate and resolute mindfulness;
be unwavering in its process,
yet free from expectations of potential reward.

pursue it
only for the sake of doing it itself,
not just to say it’s done.

this is the way of a favourable outcome
(or what some might call success),
a path only paved by persistence, perseverance and patience.

whatever it is you strive towards,
your continued and energetic breath
of exuberance and decisive action
will someday make it become.

brian thompson