the deepening of the meaning that you bring to life

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

the deepening of the meaning
that you bring to life,
is the introspection,
the self-awareness,
the awakening of the spirit inside,
and the realization
that the quest
for the zest for life,
is all here for the taking
— you only need to decide
to embody it,
in every waking moment,
and to personify it by living it
— not resisting it nor waiting for it.

we must awaken from all our distractions
to reveal the inextricable fascination the world beholds,
and to see its eternal awe, crystallized within all
— we only need to open our eyes.

we must embrace whatever is,
instead of trying to push reality away
— doing otherwise only traps our pain inside.

forever fill your mind
with wonder, bliss and awe
— that’s where happiness hides.

find kinship in the cosmos,
be inspired by the infinite universe inside,
awaken to the absolute beauty
that can only be known as now.

you are the sole shaper
of how you experience and perceive your life
— it’s your point of view alone.

become the artist you already are;
mould each moment
into whatever you want it to become
— it’s only up to you and your intention,
it will be whatever you decide.

brian thompson