To know what you are, find what you are not.

“To know what you are, find what you are not.”
—Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

I am not that fight, nor am I that fame.
I am not that profit, nor am I not that gain.
I am not that praise, nor am I that blame.
I am not that desire, nor am I that thing I fear.
I am not that frustration, nor am I that anger.
I am not those hurtful words that were said.
I am not anything my mind wishes me to believe,
other than, I am.

I am — nothing more, nothing less.
I am not my agitated thoughts,
nor am I my most blissful moments of reverie.
I am not what my mind dwells upon, nor am I what it projects.
I am not bound by any thoughts of, "I am this...” or, "I am that…".
I am beyond all that.
I just am.

I am.

I am the bird in the sky.
I am the fish in the sea.
I am the rock in the river.
I am the tree on the coast.
I am the butterfly in the breeze.
I am the man paddling on the ocean waters blue.

I am.

I am not the knower.
I am not the known.
I am the knowing.

I am.

I am all that ever was and all that will ever be.
I am all of this, and yet none of it too.
I am not one, nor the other — I am both.
I am that which I am.
I am not any passing perception,
nor any self-convincing thought.
I am undefinable.

I just am.

I am the awareness that created these eyes
for which allow me to now see.
I am the intelligence that gave me this nose
to smell both sweet and awful things.

I am the Is-ness behind this consciousness,
this presence and this essence that gives me my breath.
But I am not this body, and I am not this brain.

I am the timeless inertia of life's living Is-ness, here and now.
I am an infinite drop of the Eternal,
a dreamer of worlds for which I now perceive.

I have awakened to my own dream.
I am here, but only for now.
So for now, I just am.

I am this Is-ness.
I am this Being-ness.
I am all that I ever need to be.

I am complete,
for when I know what I am not,
I know what I am.

I am that.
I am.