A Symphony of Sensations

words and design by Brian Thompson.

There's no need to take life so seriously.

All of this is just a wonderful play of polarities,
a dance of seeming opposites,
that coalesce into a symphony of sensations,
(and all manner of contrasting appearances);
there's ups and downs, dips and dives,
quiet whispers, with many a crashing surprise!

None is right, none is wrong;
all things act together in perfect accord.

There is a perfect profundity
that beats at the heart of all things,
whose meaning will forever remain unclear
for as long as all of the seemingly disparate parts
are considered separate from the unified whole.

What fun would a play be if there were no villains?

What excitement would there be
if there were no cliff from which the hero could fall?

Why be angry with the performers?
Why be upset with the scene?

They're merely playing their part,
each filling their designated role.

All perceptions of drama, tragedy, and comedy
—they're all a part of this cosmic, existential ballet.

Life is a mosaic of emotions,
all of which are intended to be felt
—but none of which should be languished in, clung to, or kept.

Revel in the majesty of the production;
laugh, cry—enjoy the show!

“Humour gets the better of cynicism.”
—Alan Watts