Acceptance is transcendent

quote poster courtesy of Simple Reminders.

Radical acceptance of all that IS
is the only path you need
to reveal the inner calm and contentment
that is the very nature of your inner being.

Your True Self—your presence of awareness—accepts all,
regardless of whether your thinking mind agrees or not.

Reality is Change;
it is ephemeral, transitory, and impermanent,
it is a process of continual transformation;
with no thing finite, static or still
—life cannot be otherwise.

Cooperate with the invitable.

When you live in such a way
—through this pure knowing—
with no moment resisted,
and each one is welcomed
no matter what it beholds;
you align yourself with the natural flow of life,
rather than struggling against
that which cannot be fought.

If you thrash around and resist
that which cannot be changed,
you will only cast endless waves of discontent
upon your already miserable and misbegotten self.

Acceptance is transcendent.

It lifts you above the murky mire of the conceptual mind,
placing your awareness squarely upon the here and now
—the only moment where true change can be influenced.