Accepting that which you are powerless against

words & design by Brian Thompson.

By accepting
that which you are powerless against,
you thereby regain all misplaced power.

Know this:

Your freedom is your surrender.
Your relief is the dropping of your resistance.
Your peace is ending the inner struggle that only you maintain.
Your love is the light of your consciousness that permeates everything you already perceive—it just needs to be focussed on and seen.
Your happiness is no longer trying to reason with the unreasonable, and no longer confusing reality with obsessive and worried thought.
Your liberation is realizing you are already that which you seek.
Your bliss is radically cooperating with the here and now.
You wisdom is in understanding your own ignorance.

Your transcendence is in rising above the limited beliefs you have of yourself;
a self who believe it's defined, confined, helpless and separate from the rest of the world;
a self who believe it's in perpetual conflict with the natural flow of the universal way.

Your well-being is found in this aggregated dissolution of stress,
from a mind no longer entangled by pangs of fear and tension,
whose equanimity is no longer blocked by walls of self-defensiveness.

You can have it all,
but only once all desire is abandoned and let go,
for as long as you continue to want, wish and crave,
you will continue to create unbalance within you.

Your true Self lacks nothing however,
it is only your false belief in appearances that convince you otherwise;
illusions that will soon fade and leave you wanting more, more, and more.

The wanting will never end—until you decide to end it for good.

Free yourself from all such habits, behaviours, and expectations;
they only limit you and cause you to needlessly suffer.

You dream your own reality into being;
whatever you become conscious of, you create;
whatever you believe, becomes.

Every problem, every challenge, every misery you endure
will remain until you absolve yourself from the resistance that created them.

Use your illusions;
understanding them will cause them to dissolve.

Believe in nothing but the continually unfolding wonders
that your present awareness reveals;
be undistracted by any concept,
be undivided by any urge to compare.

Your awakening begins with a spark—let this be it.
Become aware.