an ode to all the dreamers who never do

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

an ode to all the dreamers who never do:

quit wishing and wanting and craving.
quit bemoaning all that you have not,
quit endlessly planning and waiting,
and grumbling for the perfect time to somehow suddenly appear
— start doing — it’s the only way to eventually become.

take decisive action, and simply begin.

whatever it may be,
yes, you will suck at first — but at least you began,
and now you’re finally on its path.

don’t stop.
just continue — each and every day.
one step further.

no more talking. no more complaining. no more excuses.
just doing.

there is only one way
— through deliberate intent and mindful action.

a person must first step onto the path,
in order to walk it.

do you dare share the way
with all of those who are
determined and confident in their dreams?

it’s often an empty road,
but this is where passion and purpose is found;
this is where happiness and well-being await.

it’s time to accept the adventure and begin.